William Dann's Story

KABC founder Petey Cerf inspired her oldest child, William Dann, to stay close to the work she began back in the early 1970’s to improve nursing home care. He still has a keen interest in quality of care for the frail and elderly.

Mr. Dann is not only a KABC endowment fund founder and honorary board member, but has been KABC’s “guardian angel” for many years, making substantial contributions to the organization. Mr. Dann has held two benefit jazz concerts for KABC in recent years. He has encouraged people within his personal network to join or contribute to the organization.

Years ago, Mr. Dann volunteered his time in two now-closed Lawrence nursing homes by helping feed some of the residents.

William Dann

Mr. Dann currently resides in a Lawrence continuing care retirement community. Health care residents there enjoy frequent visits from Mr. Dann, who has a tender appreciation for the work his mother began. He frequently assists residents in wheelchairs by taking them to the dining room.

We invite you to join Mr. Dann and his caring spirit, so that we are able to help future nursing home residents and their families. To join or contribute to KABC, or for detailed information about any licensed long-term care home in Kansas, call toll-free: 800-525-1782.